Commercial Loan: Need A Credit For Your Business?

Running a business, as an independent, is not always easy. Between the competition, the sometimes unfavorable conjunctures, the need to be renewed, it can happen that a credit for your trade is the ideal solution to bring you back to level . Specialized in SME lending for many years, we can help you with a solution that is both flexible and advantageous.


A flexible commercial loan

A flexible commercial loan

A loan to finance your business is a simple and above all flexible solution. Whether you need financing in the short or medium term, the commercial loan is a solution that will adapt to your needs whatever they are:

  • Flexible amounts : borrow from 10’000 to 300’000 Chf, with the possibility of extra money from six months if necessary.
  • An advantageous refund : choose a repayment term of 12 to 84 months, benefit from a favorable interest rate and fixed monthly payments on your loan.
  • Simplified procedures : once your file is completed, our team will send you a proposal without obligation. Get a commercial loan with modalities focused on your needs, without any administrative complication.


Simplicity, speed, confidentiality

Simplicity, speed, confidentiality

You are interested? Feel free to request, via our online form, a free offer, confidential and without commitment . Our team will answer you as soon as possible to offer you an offer adapted to your situation.


Your security in the foreground

By choosing Multicredit for your request, you also ensure total security of your data. Subject to the same laws as banks, we assure you a 100% confidential treatment of your data.


Online application

Your security in the foreground

Want to know more? Feel free to complete our online form or contact us by e-mail or phone to find out more! Together, we will find the best solution while defining repayment terms tailored to your finances!

We know that it is usually attractive to become a creditor of this type of loan. In this subject there are many variants that lend themselves to commit frauds and scams that in the end will hurt your pocket much more. That is why we recommend using the tools you have in your favor, which will show you the options you have regarding personal loans.


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