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The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow in Cabinet des Fées



The March issue of Cabinet des Fées, a fairy tale journal with a mixture of academia, reviews, fiction and poetry, has a review of The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow. Cabinet des Fées treats the subject of fairy tales compellingly, in a serious and scholarly manner. Intelligent and comprehensive discourse rewards those who delve into the subject matter and want to approach fairy tales with a more methodical and literary approach.

The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow
Annette Marie Hyder, 2007
Reviewed by Erzebet YellowBoy "In The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow, Annette Marie Hyder has put together a neatly packaged collection of poems, stories and mythos miscellany in which she explores the archetypal meanings of some of our best-loved fairy tales. Culling references from such diverse fields as mathematics, folklore, botany, myth, religion and more, Hyder provides us with a wealth of information packed into the book's 159 pages." Read the full review in Cabinet des Fées.

Other books being reviewed in this issue include:


Pushcart Prize Nomination!

I've been nominated for the Pushcart Prize! The nomination itself is an honor and I am thrilled! The wonderful editor of Empowerment4Women Magazine has nominated my poem, you think, for the Pushcart Prize!

you think
Annette Marie Hyder
Previously published in Empowerment4Women

you think
because i don't talk
about confetti petals
parade of flowers
zephyr wind zing
that i don't see or feel them

but i do
and carry my gaze
to stems and leaves
press my ear to roots
the quiet causation
behind the loud bloom

which is a pebble
in my mouth
an impediment to speech
something to suck on

such is my silence towards you


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The 35th Anniversary Issue of Ms. Magazine mentions the Facing Feminism: Feminists I Know project! Turn to page 24 for the details!












The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow is a collection of short stories, poems, recipes and mythos miscellany inspired and informed by Fairy Tales, Folklore and Mythology. With influences such as Jung, the Brothers Grimm, Marina Warner and Clarissa Pinkola Estes, the collection's voice is modern and feminist in nature.

This collection will enchant anyone who has ever delighted to "Once upon a time"; grown up takes on fairy tales and fables that will leave you spellbound and asking for more.

The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow is finalist in the Eppie Awards!

Click here for more about the book, The Real Reason the Queen Hated Snow (and Other Stories) By Annette Marie Hyder.









The Talking Stick is a collaboration of poetry, creative nonfiction and fiction. Proud to be written and entirely produced by writers and artists of Minnesota, The Talking Stick is a northern treasure.  Volume 16 includes the big melt and boundaries, By Annette Marie Hyder. Click here to visit the website.

$10 US currency

The talking stick is a Native American tradition used to facilitate an orderly discussion. Usually speakers are arranged in a talking circle and the stick is passed from hand to hand as the discussion progresses. It encourages all to speak and allows each person to speak without interruption. The talking stick brings all natural elements together to guide and direct the talking circle. The stick is made of wood, decorated with feathers or fur, beads or paint, or a combination of all.






"Annette Hyder is a masterful poetic craftsman. Her poems are exquisite reminders of just how wonderful the English language can be in the hands of a talented scribe."
- Michael Lohr, Writer, Editor and Music Critic

The Consequence of Wings, a collection of poetry and prose, has been selected for the MCBA's  (Minnesota Center for Book Arts) "Bookish" exhibit. The Consequence of Wings is available for purchase, $8.00 US currency, through the publisher, FootHills Publishing.

Click here to read poems from the book.  Click here to enlarge picture.





The Consequence of Wings
 Annette Marie Hyder
 Foothills Publishing, ISBN#0-941053-72-5

The Consequence of Wings offers an immediate visual delight; neat and striking in crisp azure and white, with an exquisite angel, delicately juxtaposed over various dictionary definitions of flight. Content wise; there is flight and fancy, themes of story-chasing, winged aspirations, hopes and pert observations, effusing a whimsical quality and wonderful airiness. Many theological allusions indicate a desire to share beautiful perceptions with softly angelic zeal. The poet exhibits a preoccupation with how others think about her, which elicits copious self-explanation and sensitively informs us of a winsome purpose. In summary: sprightly, prim, quirky and lovely. -- Review By Mark Cosens, for Aesthetica Magazine the United Kingdom's premiere arts and literature glossy magazine.




Facing Feminism: Feminists I Know will be mentioned in the forthcoming issue of Ms. Magazine! Look for it in the Calendar section!

The international feminist project, founded and curated by Annette Marie Hyder, FACING FEMINISM: FEMINISTS I KNOW, in which, through portrait art and words, the many different faces of feminism are visually demonstrated, is a regular column for Empowerment4Womenwhich launched March 1st, 2006. Join us in putting real faces to feminism in varied and diverse representation that crushes stereotypes and empowers women!                        




Launched on March 1st, 2006: this project is designed to make a statement in contradiction to the stereotype, the one dimensional portrayal, of feminists, usually as stridently against makeup, fashion; graceful pursuits, that is dominant in the media. In addition to putting a more varied and representative "face" to feminism, and thus being a tool for education and advocacy, this project aims to enlarge the current dialogue about what it means to be a feminist and also to help feminists conceptualize a philosophy of feminism that works for them. It will help to de-demonize the concept of feminism.

The project is hosted through the MNARTISTS.ORG website and distributed through the media via the magazine EMPOWERMENT4WOMEN and curated by Annette Marie Hyder. This project is expected to continue to expand in an organic fashion creating a 'six degrees of separation' effect demonstrating how we are all¬ódespite our differences, connected in a global network of feminists.  


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